Preparing Images For Competition

On Monday 11th of May we will have a tutorial on Preparing Images For Competition and also conversion from color to black and white. This will be of particular interest to everyone entering the upcoming “Photographer Of The Year” on the 25th May.

A reminder that we’ll be collecting images for photographer of the year competition on Monday 18th may. A Total of 15 images in any format or mixture of formats, Color Print B&W Print or Projected images. Do not use the same image twice even in a different format.If you want to compete in the B&W Photographer of The Year your entry will have to include a minimum of 3 b&w prints. The end of year competition is judged by members of an other club and the winning photographers in the novice, intermediate and advanced section are marked on their best 5 images.In the event of a tie each 6th image is counted to decide the winner. The B&W photographer of the year competition is judged on the best 3 prints and there is just one overall category. There is also a prize for the best image on the night.

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Platform 3 Studio Shoot

A number of members from Blackwater Photographic Society had an evening photo shoot at Platform3 Studio in cork city recently. We had full use of the studio and lighting setup and our model for the evening was Hannah. Dave Edmunds (from Platform3 ) went through various lighting equipment, Backgrounds, techniques etc and Hannah was excellent, striking various poses and encouraging all the photographers to help us get the most from the evening. Below are some images from various photographers taken on the night.1378249_488087508014785_1149760388182318952_n(1) 11079349_488087581348111_2435976976752504059_o 11079456_488087608014775_7324925583563700428_o 11164739_488087824681420_2699171375185093515_o 11156312_488087761348093_7710672456970718024_n11149738_488087764681426_298299630107445088_o

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Monday April 13th Model Shoot in Cork.

On next Monday night our usual meeting at the Arches is cancelled and instead club members are going to a model shoot in Cork which is being held at the Platform 3 studio at 19 Academy Street. Members who wish to participate in the first group will meet at the Paul street multistory car park at 06.45.   The second group should arrive at the studio before 8.30. Call Rodney at 086 8487875 or John Flynn at 086 3567653 if you need more information. Only members who have booked can attend as the studio is fully booked. It promises to be a very interesting and entertaining night.

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Members Portfolio Night , Monday March 23

Next Monday niight there will be a display of portfolios from club members  Valerie Walshe , Tom Cashman , Finbarr Murphy ,Paddy McCallaibh , Oliver Deady and Pat Kerrigan . Looking forward to a good night , please come along and support fellow members

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Outing to Cork

Club members are meeting tomorrow morning (Sat) at 11.00 outside Brown Thomas for a street shoot in Cork city. The forecast is good, should be a great day.

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Mon 16th Licentiateship (LIPF)

Next Monday night some time will be given to explain the process of preparing and presenting an LIPF panel. A sample panel will be displayed and there will be a general discussion on competition type photographs versus “pretty” or “Holiday snaps.

The Licentiateship of the Irish Photographic Federation is the basic level Distinction.
Applicants put forward a panel of ten images, which is assessed by a panel of experienced photographers.  Successful applicants are entitled to use the letters LIPF after their name.  More Info at 

Some Images from our very successful Macro / Still Life  night.

Jonnie Flynn off Facebook

Some Info On HDR Photography.

HDR Using Layer Masking In Photoshop.
Open Two images in Photoshop
Drag both onto screen
Use the move tool to drag the brightest image onto the darker image. Holding down shift key while dragging will auto align images or you can align them as below.
Select both layers .Go to Edit : Auto align layers.
Check layers for alignment by zooming in to the image and turning layers on and off.
Go to Layer : Layer mask : Reveal All. Click on mask in layers on right of screen.
Select soft brush : Set foreground color to white.
Reveal underlying dark image as required by painting with brush.
Set foreground color to black will allow you to undo what you have done.
The X key toggles the foreground from black to white.
When finished flatten image and save as jpg etc.

Two Utube links on HDR.                                                                            

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HDR Night 9th March

Next Monday night Sean Murphy will give a presentation on HDR or high dynamic range photography. This is a very useful method for photographing in bright or harsh light and it is not that difficult.

Ever tried to photograph a high-contrast scene, only to be frustrated when you find that
the pictures you snapped just don’t do it justice? Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Even
with the perfect exposure, there are certain scenes that will always tend to get blown-out
highlights, flat shadows, or both. But despite the fact that it’s nearly impossible to
find a happy medium in these types of situations, there is a solution. This age-old
dilemma can be solved through the magic of High Dynamic Range processing or “HDR”.
This is basically what HDR is: a specific style of photo with an unusually high dynamic
range that couldn’t otherwise be achieved in a single photograph.

You’ve probably seen these types of images scattered across the Web. Depending on how
they’re processed, HDR photos can be anything from stunningly accurate reproductions of
what your eyes see to mind-blowingly surreal works of art that transform reality into a
high-def dreamscape.

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