Jerry Creedon on Aerial Photography

Jerry Creedons night on Aerial Photography was one of the best attended night in the club with forty five members attending on the night to see some of the most detailed images ever seen on our projector. We keep hearing that any camera over 12 mega pixels is unnecessary but it was obvious after seeing the presentation there is no substitute for pixels (40 meg in this case) with this type of photography. The battery powered image stabilizer Jerry used is also an essential piece of kit when shooting from a helicopter. A very informative and enjoyable night. Thanks Jerry for all the work.GERRY CREEDON-1 GERRY CREEDON-2

Feb 9th Personal Portfolio Jerry Creedon

On next Monday 9th February club memberĀ  Jerry Creedon will present some of his extensive library of aerial photos taken around Ireland. Jerry will concentrate mainly on county Cork and Kerry showing the scenic seascapes and coastal towns and villages. Images of Cork city, Cobh and Mallow town will also be included. All of the images are of superb quality, taken with a 40 Mega Pixel Hasselblad camera. Will be a great night,do not miss it.