An evening with Pulitzer prize winning photographer: Cathal McNaughton

A child from the Rohingya community stands outside a shack in a camp in Delhi, India August 17, 2017. REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Blackwater Photographic Society are proud to present Pulitzer Prize winning Irish photojournalist Cathal McNaughton as he discusses his incredible experiences on assignment around the world at Mallow Social Services center on Tuesday January 14th at 8pm.
From covering the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir to winning the Pulitzer Prize for his work charting the displaced Rohingya Muslims in Bangladesh, Cathal has risked his life to bring his images to the world.
His unique style of photography has captured moments of history and brought the world’s attention to the personal stories behind major events.
During an interactive talk and question and answer session, Cathal brings to life his multi award-winning career that has seen him winning numerous accolades including POYI and UK Press Photographer of the Year.
Cathal is one of the world’s most unique storytellers and offers a fascinating insight into photojournalism. His unique body of work is both beautiful and inspiring.

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