Guest Speaker Morgan O’Neill Monday 24th

Next Monday we are privileged to have as our guest renowned photographer Morgan O’Neill. Morgan is a member of The Cork Camera Group. Morgan has numerous  awards to his credit including a Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation (IPF).  Only a handful of photographers achieve this award each year.  Morgan not only achieved his Fellowship on his first attempt, but over the past few years the quality of his work has ensured his rapid rise through the ranks of Irish photography.
Morgan’s fellowship panel which will be on display on the night consists of photographs of interiors of old unoccupied Irish houses, and gave an intriguing insight into a time now gone, and how people lived.  The superb composition, and use of colour, varying from subtle to vivid was achieved in difficult lighting conditions. Morgan also specializes in portrait photography.

Do not miss this opportunity to see photography at its best.

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