Photographer Of the Year.

The deadline for submission of images is on Monday 19th May for The Photographer Of the Year competition which will be held on May 26th at 8.00 P.M. The maximum number of images per member is 15 total and they can be submitted in any of three formats  (digital projected) color prints or black and white prints. Members can submit all their entries (up to 15 total) in one format or in a mixture of formats. The marks of your 5 highest scoring entries on the night will be counted to determine the winners.

Members will be entered in three sections Novice, Intermediate and Advanced, however the  overall Photographer Of the Year can still be won by a Novice or  Intermediate if they are the highest scoring member on the night.

To qualify for entry into the Black and White Photographer Of the Year a minimum of 3 of your entries should be B&W prints.In this category your best 3 B&W prints will count.

Entries shall not have been used previously in Photographer Of the Year in any club.

Max size of mount for All Prints is 20ins x 16ins.

Judges will be from outside camera clubs in the Munster area.

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