Outing to Gougane Barra

Outing to Gougane Barra this Sunday (18th Jan) leaving the Arches at 06:30. Dress for the weird weather. A group text will be issued on Sat and an update will be posted on the web site to confirm the outing status.

Jan 19th Visiting Photographer

On Jan 19th we are privileged to have as our Visiting Photographer, Wedding Photographer Adrian O’Neill. Adrian main interest is wedding photography and he will also be showing some of his landscapes. Check him out at http://www.aonimages.com/  This is an extract from his website.

My pictures, my art is simply an extension of who I am.
I adore shooting weddings because I just don’t shoot weddings in a regimented way, but create images that reflects the mood. I tell the natural story of your special day. The beauty of a wedding is that the occasion creates itself. I love the way it just happens and that nothing is prescriptive. The people, the romance, the moments and my role is to narrate the story of your Wedding day through my lens.

“A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.”

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