Preparing Images For Competition

On Monday 11th of May we will have a tutorial on Preparing Images For Competition and also conversion from color to black and white. This will be of particular interest to everyone entering the upcoming “Photographer Of The Year” on the 25th May.

A reminder that we’ll be collecting images for photographer of the year competition on Monday 18th may. A Total of 15 images in any format or mixture of formats, Color Print B&W Print or Projected images. Do not use the same image twice even in a different format.If you want to compete in the B&W Photographer of The Year your entry will have to include a minimum of 3 b&w prints. The end of year competition is judged by members of an other club and the winning photographers in the novice, intermediate and advanced section are marked on their best 5 images.In the event of a tie each 6th image is counted to decide the winner. The B&W photographer of the year competition is judged on the best 3 prints and there is just one overall category. There is also a prize for the best image on the night.

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