Times are Changing !!

Hi everyone. We had our AGM last Monday. It was more of a meet and greet after the long break, with a few committee type things thrown in. A few changes to be aware of though. Our Club chairman Rodney O’ Callaghan has handed over the baton to our new Chairperson – Angela Coughlan. We’d all like to thank Rodney for the past two years and welcome Angela into her new role. Lots of other positions have changed around so we’ll update the committee list very soon and it will be available on our website. Also voted on during the AGM was the meeting times. So our meetings will now start at 8pm instead of 8:30 so you might want to tape your soaps (is taping still a thing!!). We also went through the coming terms program, outings etc. With that in mind – this Monday (14th) we have a “know your camera” refresher night so bring in your camera gear and we’ll get at it. See you all there.

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