Where is it? What is it. Fun competition night.

Hi everyone,
We have our last competition before the Christmas break next Monday night (14th Dec) . The theme for this one is “Where is it? What is it?
As there was no meeting last Monday night we were unable to take the entries the week before as usual so if you could all email your entries please to Kieranomahony72@gmail.com before this Friday.
An example of this would be a very close up picture of a matchstick, then another normal picture of the matchstick. The idea is just a fun night where we have to guess what the image is or where the image was taken . This has made for a good entertaining evening in the past so please try to take part if you can.
Maximum 5 subject images each, so if you’re showing a subject images then you’d have another normal image to explain what it is or where it is, then that makes a total of 10 images altogether.
Best of luck!

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