Fantastic Results From SACC POTY

We are delighted to announce the great results from the SACC round of the IPF Photographer of the Year competition, which was judged in The Horse & Jockey on Sunday 5th January 2019.

Advanced Colour Print:
Kieran O Mahony. Honourable Mention x 2

Advanced projected theme.
Kieran O Mahony. Honourable Mention.

Non-Advanced Colour Print
Paul Madigan. Honourable Mention.

Non-Advanced Mono Print:
Paul Madigan. Gold Medal 🥇

Non-Advanced Mono Print Themed:
Paul Madigan. Gold Medal 🥇
Paul Madigan. Silver Medal 🥈

Congratulations and well done to Kieran and Paul.

Because of competition rules we are unable to publish the winning images at the moment until the national round of the competition is over.

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