Some Incredible news today as one of our Members Kieran O Mahony received his Associate distinction from the Irish Photographic Federation this morning. Kieran submitted a panel of 15 images on birds, printed and digital which also had to include a written statement on what he wanted to portray in the panel.

The following is what Kieran had to say about his panel……

This panel is to demonstrate my great love and passion for birds. Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed traveling to various locations both at home and abroad spending countless hours observing the different species in all types of weather. On each occasion always trying to improve both my photography skills as well as my field craft and understanding of each bird’s behaviour and the environments in which they live. On some occasions a very careful approach with a camouflage ghille suit worked but at other times a pop up hide and a much longer wait was required, especially for the more easily spooked and wary birds. Photographing any wildlife takes patience and indeed many days are not that productive but when everything comes together the results are so rewarding. Most of the bird images on my panel were taken in my local area.


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